We’re happy to list most tokens on UbiTok.io

UbiTok.io is not listing any new tokens at the moment, we’re proud of our totally decentralized technology but unfortunately the gas costs for placing orders are proving unattractive to clients so we’re not seeing much liquidity.

We will review the situation in the new year and post an update then.

If listing does resume, here’s what we look for before adding a token:

Must Haves

  • token contract has verified source code;
  • token contract implements the ERC20 interface correctly;
  • token has a fixed total supply (that is, new tokens cannot be created after listing);
  • token is not a scam and does not promote illegal activities;

Nice to Haves

  • token listed on coinmarketcap.com;
  • a reputation of “Neutral” or better for the token on etherscan.io;
  • token is listed on other exchange(s) and has some trading volume.

Lower Volume Tokens

We’re happy to list well-known, high-volume tokens straight away for our clients.

For less well-known tokens without much volume yet, we’re not sure if the fees we’ll get from clients trading the token will ever cover our costs, which are:

  • approx 0.03 ETH / $12 USD in gas costs to create a book contract (and again if it needs upgrading);
  • an hour or so of our time to check the token’s reputation and compatibility, create the contract, and add to this website.

So from organizations asking for their new token to be listed, we would appreciate some of the following:

  • a small donation of ETH to our address 0x884378D7919125BDfd337145d871a1bA2a58c0E9 to cover our gas costs;
  • a small donation of your token to the same address - this also lets us double-check it is compatible;
  • a link back to UbiTok.io from your website (we have some logos in our UbiTok.io Branding and Press Kit);
  • some sort of announcement to your followers / subscribers (ACME Token now listed on UbiTok.io, the unstoppable Ethereum exchange @ubitok_io) - or words to that effect.

Contact Us

To get a token listed, send an email to [email protected] or raise an issue in our github repo. Make sure you let us know the Ethereum address of the token you want listed!